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Specialist Glass Manufacturer Insurance from AIC

Whether you’re making or installing double glazing, or manufacturing either plate glass or decorative pieces – we have a glass manufacturer insurance solution for specialist firms like you. We at AIC quickly realised that the insurance market was just offering the same old policies they offered to other trades, there wasn’t anything specific or tailor made to the policy cover, just one contract fits all which we felt didn’t quite do the individual business justice – we know you’re not all the same doing the same thing.

There is a vast range of differences out there which we acknowledge, some of you are FENSA certified and some are not, whilst some just manufacture from component parts and others install at great heights, and some are using heat. Whatever your situation, whether you’re a sole trader installing the odd window, or you head up a team of multiple glazing installers, or you have a factory for manufacturing we are here to help.

We’ve made it simple as well, below there’s a quick quote guide which you can use to simply ask our staff what premium approximately should you be paying, this is linked directly to our office and in real time we can advise you our best guesstimate. Or if you prefer you can complete the full quote forms at your leisure which are all downloadable below. And then there’s the option we prefer – give us a call or tell us when it’s a good time to call you.

Trades we Insure and help

Although we have special deals for window fitters and glazing manufacturers we are able to help any trade with glass manufacturer insurance. From the local high street glass cutting shop to the artistic working from home hobbyist’s, from the one-man double glazing salesman to the large construction firms – just give us a call to discuss your needs.

Below are some of the other specific trade areas we regularly help with, and as an independent insurance broker were talking to lots of insurers, were not tied to any one in particular like some other brokers – so get in touch:

  • Window fitters and double glazing installers
  • Window Manufacturers & Fabricators
  • Plate Glass Manufacturer/wholesalers
  • Showrooms and Shops
  • Shop Front Installers
  • Decorative/Artistic Studios
  • Glazing unit Importers and Exporters
  • Glazing Retailers, Wholesalers and high street shops
  • Glass Manufacturers & Blower


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