Meet The Team

Chris Metcalfe

(Managing Director)

With over 25 years insurance industry experience, our MD has very high standards which he demands from both the staff and the insurers alike. (typical miserable boss)

Celine Bees

(Sales Director)

Insuring Farms to Theatres, Celine knows the technical side better than most, & she even manages to explain this in plain English when called upon (you see – not just a pretty face)

Jordan Walker

(Sales Director)

There’s nobody keener than Jordan, he’ll run those poor insurers ragged to get the best possible deal in extra quick time. (Superman would have trouble keeping up)

Jeff Moore

(Executive Consultant)

Our man Jeff seems to attract the weird and wonderful risks, now we’re not saying Jeff is Weird and Wonderful but…

Peter Burnett

(Executive Consultant)

Peter is all about the detail and small print, with a particular taste for Health & Safety – you see there is someone in the UK who takes it seriously!

Joel Clements

(Sales Executive)

With about a decade of experience this wily coyote will be chasing those insurers around like a roadrunner

Graham Skidmore

(Sales Executive)

We’ve never seen anyone learn quicker than our Graham, and this keeps us all on our toes. (Something this sharp should come with a health warning)

Michael Hamidy

(Sales Executive)

Cool as cucumber and nice as pie, our Mr Hamidy will always have time for your enquiry and he definitely gets the job done. (Cucumber pie? Well that’s a new recipe)

Kelly Noble

(Administration Assistant)

Just quietly gets on with it, if only the rest of the team where like Kelly (it’s always the quiet ones that cause the trouble though isn’t it)

Darren Clowes

(Sales Executive)

One of the original nice guys, which makes him a few thousand years old?

Scott Dormody

(Sales Executive)

A serious threat to top management, we’ve no doubt he’ll take over one day.

Danielle Maurer

(Personal Lines Manager)

We are very lucky to have Danielle, we couldn’t wait to build a team around her, so we have less to do.

Sue Evans

(aka Charming Sue)

Sue has been charming insurers for many years, to ensure we always get the best possible rates for you, and who could resist?

Sandy Smith

(aka Sandy Shore)

Sandy loves a challenge and just gets the job done, and nobody knows the classic insurance market better. As sure as the tide.

Rod Tucker

(aka Steel Rod)

Rod’s very passionate about classic vehicle’s and because he owns one, he actually knows what’s needed from a good insurer. He’ll always steel the best quotes for you.

Daniel Owen

(aka Danno)

Dependable and polite, Danno will quietly get the job done. If only all our staff were like him.

Diane Malone

Executive Consultant

Diane is a true champion, and loves doing battle with insurers. Perhaps the Rocky films will have to be re-made?

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